What are the benefits of NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an excellent way to provide funds for people with disability and have helped many Australians until now. This scheme has helped people with disability and their families to live independently in society and make their lives better.

The NDIS limits disability discrimination

Having a disability shouldn’t affect your quality of life, even if you need assistance in the home. The national disability scheme means that everybody who falls within the remit is entitled to receiving funding towards the cost of care, enabling them to live a fuller life.

The NDIS is a national system

It doesn’t matter what state or territory you or your loved one lives in, the national disability scheme ensures there is a safety net for all Australians. The NDIS is consistently applied the same way across all parts of the country.

The NDIS has flexibility

The national disability scheme recognises the need for flexibility. You get to decide on the best care to suit your needs, interests or social life. You can adapt and tailor your NDIS funded services to cover what you need to live an active life doing the things you love.

The NDIS is holistic care

The national disability scheme doesn’t only cater for the individual but the family that is affected by the disability. It provides support and assistance in dealing with disability and diagnoses which can sometimes be difficult.

The NDIS is inclusive and promotes equality

The national disability scheme ensures all Australian citizens regardless of their disability has equal access to healthcare on a national level.

Here are the ways how NDIS benefits Australian citizens with a disability

1. If you or someone else is born with a disability, you can always rely on NDIS for the supports you need to live independently, no matter which city you live in.

2. NDIS helps the people with disability by providing services and lessening the expenses, medical costs and other inconveniences.

3. NDIS helps every person with equality. You will be able to get the NDIS support regardless of when and where disability was acquired.

4. With the help of healthcare facilities provided by NDIS, participant’s wellbeing and their employment opportunities will increase. They will be able to reach their life goals.

5. NDIS delivers supports that produce long term outcomes, maximising opportunities for independence and productivity.

6. NDIS provides people with disability and their families regular care, support, therapy and equipment they need.

7. Each NDIS plan individualised and person-centred. Support is given based on the type of disability they have.

8. People with disability and their family can participate in the many social, cultural and economic life of the nation with the supports they choose.

9. NDIS can benefit all the Australians because disability can occur at any time. Therefore, all the Australians suffering from disability are eligible to take benefit of this scheme.

10. The NDIS limits disability discrimination as many people with disability feel under confident and insecure because of their disability, but with NDIS supports, they can live their normally.

11. People with disability can take benefit of NDIS funds in two ways- NDIS plan management and NDIS support coordination.

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